Hi there

It’s so nice to have you here. Let’s talk a little more. Write to me@(this website)


Random facts about me to fill blank space:

  • I accidentally broke in to Tone Loc’s house.
  • I am a champion roller-skater who has performed in front of audiences as large as 5000 people.
  • I have lived on 4 continents, in 12 countries and in 26 of the United States.
  • I don’t have a frenulum so I can easily touch the tip of my tongue to the tip of my nose.
  • I caught scabies in Toad Suck, Arkansas.
  • I learned Chisanbop (Korean finger-counting) from an infomercial when I was 8 years old and I still use it to this day.
  • I was named after a character in a feminist tv show.
  • I moved to Mexico with all my possessions in 43 banker’s boxes: I moved from Mexico with all of my possessions in a single suitcase.